IsidoreSoft (officially Isidore Software Development and Publication Studio) was founded sometime in 2023. We probably would have published a game in that year but unfortunetly I was too lazy to do so. We are based in the West of Belfast, a city known for being very boring so I have to make my own entertainment i.e: making video games.

Our main inspirations are small Japanese developers and the worldwide independent PC freeware developers of the late 90s and early 2000s. As of right now, our games will be short and sweet, again because I'm lazy but also inexperienced.

You may ask, "what does IsidoreSoft even mean?". Well, "Isidore" comes from St. Isidore the patron saint of computers and programmers. I named the studio after him in hopes that'd he'd guide me, because programming is dead boring. The "Soft" comes from software, idiot.

We hope to have a game uploaded to our website this year. Hopefully St. Isidore does his job and makes my programming skills amazing overnight.

Whenever I am rich and famous I will host this website myself, but alas that day has not come yet so hello neocities!!

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